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Wade Dynamics History

On December 3, 1963, after 16 years of managing a machine shop in  Cleveland, Ohio, Conward Wade realized that there was a need for dynamic balancing in Cleveland.  Back then, the technology of balancing was in it's infancy, and Con saw the vast possibilities.  With the support of his wife Mary, Con's idea evolved into Wade Dynamics Balancing & Extractor Corporation.  

Our original focus involved EDM (Electric Discharge Machining) work, Con's specialty. However, with a little ingenuity, some advertising and quite a bit of word-of-mouth, Wade Dynamics balancing division was born. Rather quickly, this booming division overshadowed the EDM department and within the first twelve months, Con and Mary had to hire six new employees and purchase two more balancing machines.  

During the 1970's, Con's only son, Dennis, discovered a new technology that could eliminate our biggest problem: having to turn down jobs due to worn or damaged bearing sections.  The addition of metallizing technology to our company had a bigger affect than any of us imagined possible.  Not only did it give our customers an alternative to scrapping a part, it also developed into a division of it's own.  Hundreds of customers flooded our shop with damaged, worn and mismachined parts that were too costly to scrap when compared to this new solution.  Wade Dynamics was now a one-stop-shop!

During that same decade, Dennis again established a new department  called field balancing. This division enabled our technicians to dynamically balance various pieces of rotating equipment at the customers plant.  This new technology gave us the ability to balance virtually anything!  No matter what diameter or weight, these new portable instruments, along with the techniques learned over the previous 10 years, enabled Wade Dynamics to open itself to a whole new market.

The beginning of the computer age gave us the technology needed to create an internal quality control program. This was yet another service designed to maintain our superior level of performance for our customers.  Our QC program was even established long before ISO standards were universally recognized.  Today, our entire shop is ISO 9002 qualified!  Wade Dynamics continually strives to stay on top of the latest in technologies and quality control procedures. 



Over the years we became aware that the missing link in this industry involved machinery maintenance.  How much time and money could our customers save if we could monitor the unbalance of a machine and prevent deterioration?  The answer to that question came in the mid 1980's.  Vibration analysis was introduced, and with it a whole new way of thinking.  We could now offer our customers periodic "Health Check-ups" to prevent the inevitable...a breakdown!  By periodically monitoring the vibrations of the motor, bearings, fan, spindle, etc., we are able to predict when a machine will fail, and more importantly, what steps need to be taken by the customer to avoid that costly emergency and unnecessary internal breakdown and repair.

The natural evolution of a family business took it's first step on December 3, 1988 when Con and Mary Wade handed over the business to son Denny and daughter-in-law Denise Wade.  Denny and Denise have since then increased sales by more than 85% by doing what we have always done: Offering the highest quality service that can be found in any of the fields we service! Now, as I prepare to step into my dad's shoes, I look forward to continuing to foster this company's growth by maintaining our superior level of service, as well as integrating the latest technology into our business.                                   


Peter D. Wade